Portable Surveillance Units (PJNs)

The PJN is an observation vehicle whose main task is to support the protection and surveillance of border crossing points. The bodies of the PJNs are made on the basis of Toyota Hilux SR5 off-road vehicles, with 4×4 drive. Vehicles produced by Zeszuta Company will enable ad hoc surveillance in hard-to-reach areas.

PJNs will ensure high mobility in areas such as roadless areas, forest areas, as well as in mountainous areas.Vehicles have a built-in part for operators conducting observation activities. The equipment of the PJNs is equipped with a system of cameras, enabling, among other things, observation with a significant range, both from daytime and thermal imaging cameras. There is also a lack of equipment for radio communication.Several such units currently serve as mobile observation units in the Polish Border Guard. They are equipped with first-class optical and thermo-optical equipment, so that nothing and no one can hide from them, even in total darkness.
They are powered by reliable diesel engines with a capacity of 2.4 liters and a power of 150km. This, combined with the automatic transmission, makes the Toyota Hilux with our body ideal for off-road and rough terrain.