The PZU trailer from Zeszuta is a reliable and professional solution for transporting vehicles in emergency situations. This specialist tow truck was created by Zeszuta in cooperation with PZU – one of the largest insurance companies in Poland.

The PZU tow truck from Zeszuta is characterized by excellent quality of workmanship and modern technological solutions. It is equipped with a sturdy construction that ensures stability and safety when transporting vehicles. The tow truck has been specially designed to meet different transport requirements, both in terms of size and type of vehicles. Regardless of whether it is a passenger car, a motorcycle or a larger van, the PZU tow truck from Zeszuta is able to transport it safely.

In addition, the Zeszuta PZU tow truck has been equipped with an advanced system of securing and securing vehicles, which minimizes the risk of damage during transport. Thanks to the professional approach and experience of the drivers, the tow truck provides not only efficient transport, but also protection of the vehicle at every stage of transport.