Mobile Dental Office

Dentobus is a fully equipped dental vehicle that offers a wide range of dental services on site. Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and the latest technologies, Dentobus allows you to carry out routine examinations, dental procedures as well as more extensive dental treatment. The interior of the Dentobus has been carefully designed to provide patients with comfort and peace of mind during their visit.

Spacious and functional, providing comfortable working conditions for dental staff. It includes specially designed dental stands, equipped with ergonomic dental chairs, medical tools and equipment, as well as advanced disinfection and sterilization systems that ensure safety and hygiene during the procedure.

The mobility of Dentobus makes it possible to reach patients in different locations, especially where access to traditional dental practices is difficult. It is particularly useful in rural areas, schools, health centres or even in areas affected by natural disasters, where the need for immediate care is greatest.