Zeszuta Producent Pojazdów Specjalnych - Innowacyjne rozwiązania mobilne

we create

individual projects

We specialize in designing and building innovative vehicles. Our solutions are tailored to the needs of our customers, offering advanced technologies and engineering of the highest quality. Our team of expert engineers and designers has extensive experience in the automotive industry. This allows us to provide our customers with solutions that are not only innovative, but also functional and efficient.

Manufacturer of Special Vehicles - Innovative mobile solutions

We are a leading company in the production of special vehicles, offering unique solutions for a variety of sectors.

Our offer is based on a combination of precision, workmanship and advanced technology, providing customers with products that exceed expectations.

Our company specializes in the design and manufacture of special vehicles such as:

ambulances,armoured vehicles,
pyrotechnic vehicles,
rescue vehicles,
mobile laboratories,
tow trucks

and many others. All our vehicles are designed to meet the highest standards of quality and safety, with attention to detail and individual customer needs.


The ZESZUTA company also offers motor boats. Lease and sale are carried out. For more details, feel free to contact us.